Real Estate Opportunities

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Finance My HST believes, managing real estate assets efficiently can create a considerable responsibility to your bottom line. We work in such a manner that it changes the way investors, developers, tenants and owners visualize real estate. Attracting and retaining GTA’s most in-demand and respectable real estate advisors, Who are well recognized for bringing in the utmost level of market proficiency and financial awareness.

Finance My HST works as a professional representation of the sellers and buyers in real estate, whether commercial or residential. The foundation of our services and understanding of the role we play in representing people assist in building a long-term relationship with the clients (whether sellers or buyers). Our multidisciplinary specialists are partners with the top developers and real estate agents across GTA and handle the complex real estate transactions by working closely with the clients. Our team of advisors organize and assess by exercising due diligence process required in buying and selling.

Our valuable counsel advisors guide you about the potential purchase or sell, the risks involved, secured financing options and provide essential details required for a successful real estate transaction. From residential complexes to retail and industrial buildings, we channel you through the acquisition, development process and financing terms. Offering the most comprehensive, competitive and personalized real estate services, Finance My HST is known for its transparency with clients. We investigate client’s business in depth to understand their corporate or personal objectives and recognize the opportunity to optimize their real estate assets.

Supported by high-quality market analysis and in-depth research, My HST delivers real estate solutions including project management consultation, brokerage and capital markets. By means of prior planning about investment strategies, long-term investment performance and risk assessment & management; we are known for persistent client support and exceptional services.

Are you up to buy or sell a real estate property anywhere in Canada? Fill up the form below and let us know your preference. One of our professional advisors and your personal manager will connect with you to guide you through the transaction process. And you can avail a future discount on an HST finance once the transaction is successful.
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