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Finance MY HST, only works with licensed PM companies under, Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO)

Finance My HST works towards maximizing your revenue and protecting your investment. Our persistent property managers understand the irresistible demands marketplace serve for property seekers and thus our manager’s shoulder the duty of managing the daily responsibility of search and qualifyrenter, proceeding rental agreements, collection of rents, managing tenant grievances or issues like building ¬†repair and maintenance, along with full accountability of property reporting and ownership. We provide the most flexible, complete and personalized property management services.

Serving as a boutique property management firm, Finance My HST can assist in buying & selling and financing your property as well as refinances. Our property manager evaluates your property by performing detailed documentation and provides you with recommendations such as repair and improvements that can lead to increased rental. We carefully assess the property location, analyze the rental rates of a specific area and determine the most favourable rental rate for your property. We discuss well in advance with the owners and renters about the policies and manage the property accordingly.

Finance My HST aggressively works towards advertising your property, screen tenants and choose the best tenant that confirms to follow the policies mentioned by the property owner. Our flexible and affordable property management services take care of deposits, lease agreements, inspections and walkthroughs, showing your property, signing the lease, closing the deal and many other property management functions.

We understand and realize the importance of a realtor’s partnership and that is why we work with top property managers and realtors for a win-win business. Whether it is about making payments on behalf of the owner, detailed documentation of expenses, preparing annual reports or tax documents, or creating maintenance and remodelling documents; we can manage everything for you.

Has your resident moved out? Are you looking to keep your property back on rent? Let us know your interest and we will take care of all your property management needs. Fill up your needs below and get an additional discount on your future financing of HST.

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