HST Rebate on New Residential Rental Property in Ontario

HST Rebate onHST new residential property rebate in Ontario is made available to the buyers who have already paid some HST for their newly constructed residential home or for an area rented out on lease to some other person. Our team at Finance My HST also help buyers to claim for the provincial rebate for some part of their provincial HST paid during the new residential/rental property construction. We make it clear that the provincial rebates only apply to properties that are qualified as rental properties.

While applying for the new residential rental property rebate in Ontario, Finance My HST team carefully examines whether the new residential property includes-

  • A duplex or a townhouse
  • A single flat in a condo or building
  • A modular home
  • A single family unit

Other than the above residential elements, the factors that we cover to apply for rebate include-

  • The new residence/rental property is the primary living space
  • The address is reflected in public records

Our rebate experts at Finance My HST realize your rebate concerns and address them by setting up a meeting with you to understand the details of your new residential property. You need tobring along the property documents such as the construction invoice, the insurance policies, and details of your floor plan etc.; so that our specialists can go through them and claim accordingly. We try our best so that you get the maximum rebate for your new residential rental property in Ontario.

We follow up and track each and every step of your rebate application and inform you about the application status. Our team continuously works with the government agency to process the application claim without you being troubled for your HST rebate. Once the process is done, our team gets the HST new residential property rebate cheque for you. We love to see that satisfactory smile on our clients face.