HST Refund on New Home Construction

Are you getting your new home constructed or substantially renovated and worried about the HST refund on new home construction? Finance My HST is here to assist you with your needs. As we know the pros and cons of the Canadian rebate rules and regulations, we work in collaboration with the client and government agency to get the rebate /refund process at a successful stage. Pay attention to records online live casino bonus. Our team understand the emotions attached to a new home construction and thus we work carefully to take your property construction details and file for refund accordingly.

At Finance My HST, the rebate specialists carefully analyses whether your new home construction is for principal residence or for rental purpose and after careful analysis of this difference we suggest the documents and process required to file the refund at the government agency. The factors considered for assessment of new home construction property for refund comprises of:

  • The new property is constructed for individual/ family living
  • The new home construction could be a significant home renovation (considered up to 90%)
  • The new home construction is for rental purpose

If it is a new home construction, Finance My HST team files for rebate under new home rebates that is NHR wherein it is possible to receive the rebate right away during the time of purchase. Our team alerts you when the new home construction rebate cannot be applicable, if it includes any distant family member other than the immediate family. Our team also ensure that the buyers or the individual asking for HST refund on new home construction occupy the home as principal residents. Our team also gets the address changed and other similar formalities done to expedite the process.

For all your HST refund on new home construction, drop us an email or
call our experts and we will address your refund needs!