HST Rebate on Rental Property in Ontario

HST Rebate onLooking for the best consultants for HST rebate on rental property in Ontario, Finance My HST is the destination that takes care of all your rental rebate needs. If you have bought a land intended as a rental property, for the last two years in Canada, Finance My HST can assist you in obtaining a handsome amount in rebate from the government. Our experienced specialists ensure that the forms are correctly filled and submitted to the Canadian government, and also look for your eligibility for other rebates.

Criteria for HST Rebate on Rental Property
In order to qualify for the rental property rebate, the landlord has to meet the following conditions:

  • Buy a newly constructed or renovated property from any authorized builder
  • Subcontracted construction to a builder
  • Significantly renovated a property
  • Subcontracted to a builder to renovate the property
  • Transformed a non-residential land into accommodation
  • Lease the land or property to someone else

Our team at Finance My HST also guide the landlords about the processes and scenarios that eliminate them from rental property rebates. Some of the key exemptions that prohibit landlords from a major sum of rebate are:

  • HST not paid while purchasing the rental property (for example, if there are tenants already occupying a place which is bought by the landlord, the HST is unpaid)
  • If you own an entire building or own a condo with multiple housing units, you are exempted from the rental property rebate
  • You purchased or renovated a property to be given on rent but had started utilizing the same as your primary residence or your relatives use it as a primary living area, you are exempted from rental property rebate.

Our specialists are well-known with Canadian province, its rules and regulations specific to taxation and rebates and would love to assist you through the process, making sure that you reap the best out of your rental property. Contact Finance My HST rebate rental property professionals today!