HST Rebate on New Houses in Ontario

My HST rebate in Ontario is a rebate specialists assisting homeowners to acquire HST new housing rebates provided by the government. HST is referred to as Harmonized sales tax (HST) that combines GST and PST into a sole tax. No matter whether your application is for independent home, personal property or an investment property; our skills, experience and subject matter expertise help in getting the maximum amount of rebate you are entitled for.

It is difficult, time taking and lengthy process of interaction with the Revenue Agency of Canada

. Thus, our HST Rebate services in Ontario cater to the following categories:

  • Rebate on newly purchased home
  • Building a home
  • Rebate on purchase of a new condominium
  • Rebate for renovation of a home or condominium
  • Contracting the building construction to a third party

The experienced tax consultants at My HST Rebate Ontario conduct a detailed discussion with the new home buyers and deliver fast and reliable rebate services. Our consultants collaborate with you to understand your eligibility for tax, explain you the rules and regulation for the rebate process and inform you about the amount of returns on your property.

While working with you personally, My HST team makes sure that you understand as to how HST works and in turn impact you’re buying. We understand the concern and eligibility of new home buyers and pre-construction markets and accordingly offer consultation for tax rebate and HST refund. Taking care of the entire process management and administration, we work efficiently towards getting the maximized HST returns for our clients. We keep our clients informed about the refund process and steps, so that the clients feel free in communicating with us and see transparency in the services.

My HST rebate Ontario ensures that our clients are protected from the updates in the government rules and regulations and are benefitted with the maximum rebate from the government.

Did you buy a new home or a condo property recently?
Connect with our team and get the best HST rebate consultation in Ontario.

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